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Laundromat Resource Pro Community
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Welcome to Laundromat Resource Pro Community

Become a laundromat pro today!

Premiere Tools & Resources

Take a professional approach to your laundromat investment and get access to the same tools and resources that the pros use to build thriving businesses. This includes free downloadable copies of books, spreadsheets, and more.

Show You Mean Business

Make a serious commitment to your journey to financial freedom through laundromat ownership and let the community know you mean business. Pro members receive more serious networking opportunities through our 3 tiers of communities: the entire pro community, the topic-based sub-communities, and the small group masterminds!

Learn the Laundromat Business

Time-tested training & courses to help you continue to grow no matter where you're at in your laundromat journey. Whether you're just learning the business or are a seasoned veteran, our community has something to help you take the next steps in achieving your goals. 

Industry Discounts

Pro members enjoy discounts and perks from industry partners. Perks are currently valued at over $3,000!

Live Pro Events

Weekly pro-member group coaching calls, Q&As, group analysis calls, topic-specific think tanks, topic-specific calls, and more with Jordan and other laundromat industry professionals. In addition, you have the option to join a mastermind group to accelerate your growth with a group of 3-5 people in a similar stage as you! This could be life-changing for you!